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ABOUT DUES: Annual membership dues are $10. If we know that you are over 80 years old, you only have to pay dues one time, then we are happy to remit your dues. Life Membership is $110, after which you will never be subject to dues again. The dues year is the calendar year (January 1 to December 31). We do not collect "past dues", so if you haven't paid in a while, you only owe for the current year.

ABOUT NEWSLETTERS:  We send one newsletter, usually in January, to everyone in our mailing list regardless of dues status. If your dues are paid up (Annual or Life) or if you are over 80, and have paid at least one year, you will receive all subsequent newsletters for that calendar year.

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You can pay your dues on-line using PayPal, with Zelle®, or by printing the next page and mailing with your check to:

USS Boston Shipmates, Inc.
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Make checks payable to: USS Boston Shipmates, Inc.

For additional information, contact Secretary, Barry Probst