This is dedicated to all veterans, especially Roberto Ramos, Seal Team 2, KIA Oct 29, 1968. He was a shipmate I was stationed with in Pensacola. We were training to volunteer for UDT, but as fate would have it I got transferred to the USS BOSTON.
-Edgar Rosas, Veteran's Day 2000


Author: Edgar Rosas (YN2 1966-1969)

Has it been thirty-two years,
since the shedding of that first tear.

A young man answering his country’s call,
stood tall, and without hesitation,
laid his life down for his nation.

His name now appears along with 58,000 or more,
etched on a black granite wall,
a constant reminder to us all,
of their love of country and dedication.

He was not a politician,
therefore not privy to make policy decisions.
He did not spend time deciding what was wrong or right.
He made the ultimate sacrifice,
so others would not have to pay the price.
Young men who were cursed and spat upon,
but found the strength to hold their heads up high and carry on.

They knew they would have to go,
or someone else would have to pay the toll.
They would not dare,
allow someone else to take their place,
but relied strictly on their God and their fate.

They are the true heroes,
who do not endorse athletic gear,
but their names ring forever in a loved one's ear.

Someone once said, “A man is not dead, until forgotten."

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