Jeb Bush

Governor of the State of Florida

July 19, 2001

Dear Friends:

It is a pleasure to extend greetings to all attending the annual USS BOSTON reunion in Andover, Massachusetts. This program gives each of you time to reflect and renew your bonds and strengthen relationships that began so many years ago. We are appreciative of the years of service given to preserve the freedoms we continue to enjoy. As Floridians and Americans, we cannot take for granted this hard-won liberty. We must continually work to preserve and protect the ideals and principles upon which our nation was founded.

I issue a tribute to all veterans for their willingness to serve in time of war as wellas those who conducted peacetime vigilance. Your service and devotion are admirable, and may today provide a source of strength and support and instill a spirit of freedom in the minds of all present. Best wishes for a successful event,


Jeb Bush
Governor, State of Florida