Orlando Scottish Heritage Group, Inc.

Orlando, Florida

July 11, 2001


The Orlando Scottish Heritage Group wishes to convey our deepest appreciation and sincerest congratulations to the USS BOSTON for 225 years of exemplary service to America. This remarkable military achievement is a hallmark of distinction; all BOSTON crewmembers should embrace this proud record that they have fought so courageously to build.

Since the birth of our nation, the USS BOSTON has gallantly served and defended the American citizenry at home and abroad. Every crew has demonstrated the patriotism, pride, leadership, dedication, military judgment, and tactical maneuvers that have truly set the stnadards by which our national heroes can be measured.

The Orlando Scottish Heritage Group wishes to pay tribute to the many naval personnel of Scottish descent who have proudly served with commitment and distinction in the USS BOSTON service throughout the centuries. We are particularly proud of our own heroic Scotsman, Harry J. Rose, who served on the Guided Missile Cruiser BOSTON CAG-1 vigilantly defending the freedom and liberty that we Americans enjoy today.

We recognize and humbly honor the USS BOSTON service unit this day, and extend our heartfelt congratulations to the men and women who defended America so bravely throughout our generations as a nation. To our heroes we say, bravo, a job well done!


Orlando Scottish Heritage Group

Anyah Cook, President

Richard Mackenzie Melucci, Vice President

Kristina E. L. Brough, Secretary

Jean Gordon, President, OSHG Board of Directors