Western Fun Night
July 11, 2013

Here are some photos from the Thursday Night dinner and Western Fun Night. (report courtesy of Barry Probst)

James Stiles 1968-1970 was on Stage with the Hit Squad (Band for the evening) Singing Margaritaville he did a great Job!  Some other photos of Art Hebert, Jim Gustafson in their Western Garb (Art actually had on USS Boston Spurs that were on loan from Glin Eden, 1967-1969) the Band and Various other shipmates Helping to unload the Boston Trailer.

The Meal this evening was served in the Pavilion of the Marriott.  The meal was Barbecued Chicken, roasted potatoes and Corn with Ice Cream with Churros which is indigenous to New Mexico.  Everyone had a great time and we will be going on tour tomorrow after Breakfast to Old Town and the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center.