Hello Shipmates,

After careful consideration it has been decided that due to the seriousness of the covid-19 coronavirus, that it will be in the best interest of all of our shipmates and their families that we RESCHEDULE the 2020 Annual Reunion in King of Prussia, PA. This is the first time in our 33 years of planning reunions that we have needed to cancel one!

The POSTPONED reunion will take place in King of Prussia, PA in same hotel with the same tours and during the same period of time in 2021.  The dates that we have set for that reunion will be July 8-11, 2021.

We will be refunding all the Shipmate registration money paid for this reunion (excluding their annual or life membership dues payment). These refunds will be made by corporate check and be DISTRIBUTED by 4/30/2020. (note: The refund for anyone that registered on line through our website will be paid (ALSO BY CHECK) AND less their dues and the paypal charges that you paid!)

If you booked your hotel reservation at the CROWNE PLAZA (REUNION HOTEL) and were quoted the $106.00 rate, then (for your convenience) THE HOTEL will cancel your reservation. There is no need for you to call the hotel (There is no one there anyway!), A COMMITTEE WORKER will follow up with the hotel to be sure everything is complete.

If you booked a hotel other that the REUNION HOTEL, YOU will be responsible for cancelling your OWN hotel reservation. Make sure that you also cancel your airline reservations. I would recommend that you do this as soon as possible to avoid any charges.

On behalf of the board of directors and the reunion committee of the USS Boston Shipmates, Inc.,  we hope that you and your entire families stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.



Barry L. Probst
President / Secretary
USS BOSTON Shipmates, Inc.