2023 Reunion Airport Transportation Update

Here are some options for transportation from and to the Airport recommended by the Local Convention & Visitors Bureau.

CAB - The cab stand at the airport is located outside of baggage claim on level 1, near door 7.
- The attendees let the attendant know where they are going (Higgins Hotel by the National WWII Museum / in the Warehouse District), and the attendant will provide them with the cost and cab that can take them there.
- Please have cash on hand, in case, but most take credit cards.
- Fares are regulated by the city. Taxi rides cost $36.00 from the airport to the Warehouse District for up to two(2) passengers. For three(3) or more passengers, the fare will be $15.00 per passenger.
Shuttle - Burton Transit has offered us the following:
- $31.00 per person each way (includes 1.00 service charge).
- Members can use the following link to book their reservation on-line now. USS BOSTON
Ride Shares - Uber and Lyft also operate out of the New Orleans airport.
- Passengers are picked up outside of baggage claim on level 1 on the middle curb.
- They require the use of an APP. Charges from On-line sources state Lyft is $32.00 one way and Uber is $35.00 one way.
- They both offer reservation service up to 30 days in advance. 
- KREWECAR (https://www.krewecar.com/) (local ridesharing service meets private driver), This is a new rideshare provider.
- Uses an APP.
- The charge is $59.00 per person each way and they will offer $5.00 discount to our members using a code in the APP.
Pick Up Area for these is Zone 2 (Ride Share) on arrivals side. 2nd curb from the Terminal building.
July is not expected to be a high volume time in NOLA, therefore, wait times should be minimal.