USS BOSTON SSN703 Photo Gallery

The photos on this page were donated by various USS BOSTON supporters. In some cases, the donor did not serve on a BOSTON. We are grateful for all photo contributions. I reserve the right to tinker with the format from time to time.
...Art Hebert

The following photos were taken by a USS DALE CG19 crew member. The time frame is 1992. Note that the USS Dale is also decommissioned now.

Pete Scala was skipper of the BOSTON then. I showed him the pictures and asked him if he was on the bridge at the time. He said,

"The pictures from USS DALE were taken at Rhodes, Greece. That was in fact me on the bridge. It was neat doing an unassisted moor, because the wind was blowing from the north, setting us down on Dale, and the current was from the south, setting us off Dale (the current dominated). I had a ball doing that one. The DESRON Commodore was on board Dale, gave us a pat on the back for shiphandling . . . he's also the one that put us in for a MUC for other things we did.

Got to meet the Patriarch of Rhodes. He served some really sweet pastries and some really strong coffee and some intense liqueur . . .

Also got to see my guys taking pictures of each other (with careful attention to the background) at topless beaches there. They loved it! Of course, I didn't take any of those pictures . . ."

USS DALE BOSTON approaching the DALE BOSTON getting closer Testing the waters That's more like it Snuggling up

The BOSTON in Australia.

Down under

The Proclamation issued by the City of Boston, recognizing the BOSTON crew's achievement in 1995. (The USS BOSTON Shipmates worked with City Hall to achieve this proclamation. They were grateful that we advised them that our guys had won this award.) Arleigh Burke Award

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